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Chana Daal
One of the essentials in the range of pulses, it is highly nutritious with rich source of protein and amino acids. It has an aromatic taste and gives a perfect taste in any savory recipe. It can be used in making delicious shami kebabs, daal fry or mixed vegetables.



Masur Daal
Daal masur is one of the staples in the Pakistani cuisine. It’s a good source of fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol. It’s rich in protein and minerals. Variety of recipes can be made using Masur Daal due to its versatile and easy to cook properties. It’s great for Curries, khichri and fritters.



Mash Daal
Highly popular within the South Eastern culture, mash daal is the one recognized for its distinctive taste. It is highly nutritious and has a delicious flavor. It offers a good source of essential nutrients such as fiber making it a great option for daily cooking. It’s famous dhabba style mash daal is everyone’s favorite.



Moong Daal
One of the must haves in any kitchen pantry, moong daal is everyone’s favorite. A nutritious daal that’s rich in proteins and contains minerals such as iron, copper, potassium ad magnesium besides vitamin B6 and Folate. It is also low in fat and has abundant dietary fiber making it a healthy everyday food choice. It has a delicious flavor that enhances the taste of any dish.



Whole Masur Daal
Masur daal is power-packed with nutrients and has immeasurable benefits. The benefits of masur daal had been recognized in the centuries past and thus it has constituted as an important part of South Asian cuisine. When it comes to its preparation, it's quite easy-to-make and is also found to be the most delicious among all the lentils, owing to its tinge of sweetness.



Safed Chana
Safed Chana are natural sources of protein and rich in nutrients. Not just famous for Mediterranean dishes but highly popular within the Asian and Arabic cuisines. It has a nutty and creamy flavor with firm texture making it an ideal ingredient for recipes like humus, dips, chana pulao, murgh cholay and street style dahi chaat.